Orion provides comprehensive services to its clients to streamline environmental programs and obtain expedited closure from regulatory agencies.  

The strength of Orion's remediation services is a diverse and expertly skilled staff.  Engineers, geologists, scientists, and support specialists trained in the latest regulations and technology developments have a proven track record for finishing projects successfully.



Because Orion is a full-service firm, it can provide the services clients need

from investigation and design to construction and operation.  


Orion's technical services include:


*     Initial or Phase 1 environmental site assessments (ESA)


*     Detailed Phase 2 site investigations, including air, groundwater, surface water, soil, soil gas, and sediment sampling; analytical testing; and reporting


*     Feasibility studies, including treatability testing, remedial solution alternatives, cost estimating, and reporting


*     Risk assessment and cleanup criteria evaluation


*     Remediation design, including drawings, plans, specifications, bid documents and bid review


*     Engineer's estimate and construction management of remediation solutions


*     Operation, maintenance, and monitoring of remedial systems


*     Regulatory interface, interpretation, and negotiations to achieve site closure.


Orion also provides senior experts to assist clients with management and control of their environmental costs.  Senior managers provide cost-effective expertise to complement the project team.


Orion's expert services include:


*     Expert witness reports, declarations, and testimony


*     Third-party oversight and review of environmental projects conducted by other consultants


*     Corporate environmental program evaluation and development of strategies to reduce life-cycle costs


*     Regulatory agency negotiation to establish reduced cleanup goals and expedited site closure.





Orion technical personnel have extensive experience investigating and remediating soil and groundwater contaminated by the following compounds:


*     Petroleum hydrocarbons (BTEX, MTBE, TBA, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, waste oil, crude oil, etc.)


*     Semivolatile organic compounds


*     Pesticides and herbicides


*     Chlorinated hydrocarbons (PCE, TCE, 1,1,1-TCA, cDCE, 1,1-DCA, 1,1-DCE, vinyl chloride, etc.)


*     Ketones (acetone, MEK)


*     Heavy metals (arsenic, copper, chromium (III and VI), lead, etc.)


*     PCBs


*     Asbestos.


tinylogo.gif  Site Remediation


Orion personnel have experience with numerous remedial technologies including:


Soil Excavation and Onsite Treatment

*     Aboveground SVE system (“burrito” piles)

*     Metals stabilization

*     Bioremediation


Soil Excavation and Offsite Treatment

*     Low temperature thermal desorption

*     Stabilization

*     Landfarming

*     Landfilling


In Situ Soil Remediation

*     Capping

*     Bioventing

*     Dual-phase extraction

*     Soil vapor extraction systems

            Thermal oxidation

Catalytic oxidation

Regenerative oxidation

Internal combustion

Carbon adsorption/desorption

Synthetic resin adsorption/desorption



Groundwater Remediation

*     Monitored natural attenuation (petroleum and chlorinated VOCs)

*     Dual-phase extraction

*     Free product recovery

*     Pump-and-treat

Advanced oxidation (ozone/peroxide)

Air stripping

Carbon adsorption


*     In situ technologies

      Chemical oxidation (ozone, peroxide, persulfate, and permanganante)

      In-well stripping and vapor extraction

      Oxygen enrichment (in situ aerobic bioremediation)

      Oxygen generation

      Air sparging

      Anaerobic biological enhancement.

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